Electrical Fan Ring. Price 15€ + Shipping cost 4€.
From my "PLAY" collection comes this cute ring remind me of "Electrical Fan" This ring is made of brass and propeller is revolvable. The top of this ring measures 22 mm. Ring size 7 US.

Giant Diamond Ring. Price 15€ + Shipping cost 4€.
The ring is made of brass. Its form is like a diamond with super size extended. Using only lines to draw the diamond form made the ring become light. Only the diamond is 30 mm. height and 28 mm. wide. This ring was inspired from a CD cover of my favorite band.

Orange/Purple Elegant Ring. Price 15€ + Shipping cost 4€.
This is sweet orange/purple elegant ring is made of brass, I finished the center by hand mixing enamel. I brought a Peg to make a piece of ring, I intend to make much larger scales. Dimensions approx 2x2x2.5 cm. Ring size 7 and adjustable.

Wing Collar Ring. Price 17€ + Shipping cost 4€.
A ring shaped out of a wing shirt collar including a little button. Another ring from Clothing Material inspired design. The ring is made of brass, finished with black and white enamel. It comes in 2 sizes: Small: size 7 US Medium: size 8 US


daisychain said...

wow these are all stunning

Tessa said...

these rings are just perfect!

anotherwomanbyrose said...

I love the 2 first rings!!


another woman by rose

Jessica said...

The propeller ring is so adorable!

Olivia said...

pink ring!<3

Murano Glass said...

I love the Pink And the first one.