Silver Bird

Silver Bird Whistle Pendant/Necklace. Sold out
Indeed, I don’t know what this bird is? It is just my drawing of a bird. But it can make a sound which is similar to whistling, not really loud but nice. The bird is 65x35 mm. and necklace length is 35cm. Made of brass and finished with silver plated.


Obsesiones de una Nina said...

Love this necklace, it's adorable! x

daisychain said...

oh my goodness, love love love this

burcu d. said...

gorgeous necklaces!

Zipia Madness said...

Do you still have stock for this Silver Bird Whistle Pendant/Necklace? Will you bring in more stock? Really interested in buying it. Hope to hear from you soon :D

Anni said...

my sis just gave it to me for my birthday!!!! and another necklace from labyrinth!
that was the biggest surprise ever :o) i didn´t even know she reads my blog and knows wha a HUGE fan i am of the jewelry you make!