Labyrinth collection

Rabbit Locket/Necklace
. Price 19€ + Shipping cost 4€.
This Rabbit Locket is made of brass and 16 inches long. Rabbit locket can be opened and put tiny thing inside.

Duck Locket/Necklace. Price 19€ + Shipping cost 4€.
This pendant is another animal from Labyrinth. This one is so unique! Most lockets only have space for a few words, but this one could hold more. It's made of brass and finished with crab clasp. Duck's measurement is 50x35 mm. hanged from a 14.5 inches necklace.

Bird Whistle Pendant/Necklace. Price 22€ + Shipping cost 4€.
Indeed, I don’t know what this bird is? It is just my drawing of a bird. But it can make a sound which is similar to whistling, not really loud but nice. The bird is 65x35 mm. and necklace length is 35cm.

Black Bird Whistle Pendant/Necklace. Sold out


smrithi rao said...

they are so fascinating . do u ship to india?

Labyrinth said...

Yes, we do ship to india :)

Pipiola said...


SammyKins said...

wow i love that rabbit! your jewelry is totally amazing!

Jessica said...

I just love these! I'm a little bummed that I didn't come across them before they were sold!

nowandthenboutique said...

OMG this locket is SO cute! I think I may have to hide my credit card to come back to your blog, lol!
I love everything!

PS: thanks for dropping by our blog :)

Clare said...

wow i love the bird pendent.... Your jewellery is so unique which is awesome.


Labyrinth said...

Thank you all... :)

This collection will be available again real soon.. we are working on it at the moment.

Please check back often!!

Rachel B. said...

I want the duck! Please reserve it for me!
rachel [dot] berkowitz [at] gmail [dot] com