Statement of Elegance

Silk Necklace with Glasses and Stones
Price 70CHF/ 48€ + Shipping cost 8.50CHF/ 6€. Sold Out
The necklace is made of silk, using polyester to support around the circle part. The man body of the necklace was gently made, and decorated with glasses, stones and clothes accessories which are in black, white and grey tones.


Clare said...

They are beautiful, like they've been found in a cave, a glamourous cave!



Obsesiones de una Nina said...

Beautiful ornate jewellery! I absolutely love this necklace!


Annika said...

Wow, i'm totally in love with this Necklace, it's so beautiful! It is selfmade?

The F Word Online said...

i absolutely love this piece !

xx lue

Labyrinth said...

Thank you girls!!

@Annika Yes, it is selfmade.. One of a kind :)

Jessica said...

Stunning necklace!

If you ever want me to host a giveaway of your work at my blog, I'm happy to do so! Your work is great!