Necklaces / Pendants

Light Bulb Pendant. Sold Out
This is my first jewelry that is made of ceramic. What the idea brought me to make this one ?...Well, it just all starts from an idea! For me who like to think things around. When any brilliant idea comes, the light bulb is just switched on in my brain! The bulb has been burnt and glazed at 1200 degree. The screw cap of light bulb is made of brass. The total necklace length is 16 inches.

Butterfly Necklace. Sold Out
This necklace is made of one vintage gold plated butterfly with enamel work, brass chain. The measurement is 56x52 mm. The necklace length is 10.5 inches. Finished with crab clasp. Made of brass.

Lady In Bird Necklace. Price 17€ + Shipping cost 4.
I brought my own illustration to make a piece of jewelry. This is a lady in bird that I drew. The measurement is 20x30 mm. The necklace length is 13 inches. Finished with crab clasp. Made of brass.

Lily Oval Pendant/Necklace. Sold


Rina said...

so sweet!!!!
i like it:-)


cinnam0n~ said...

sooo cool!!! ;ove them!!

smrithi rao said...

love the butterfly one,, pretty :)

Lara Maria said...

I Looove your jewelry ... contact me, so I can do some advertisment for you ;-) hugs and kisses

Labyrinth said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments :)

@Lara Maria -- Thank you Thank you.
Visiting your blog now :D