Rabbit Ring
. Price 15€ + Shipping cost 4€.
Rabbit ring is made of brass. The rabbit size is 32 mm. Size 7 US and adjustable.

Duck Ring.Price 15€ + Shipping cost 4€.
Duck ring is made of brass. The duck size is 37x20mm. Size 7 US and adjustable.

Bee Ring (Vintage style). Sold
The Brass Giant Bee rings were painted in black oil colour to give them more Vintage style which I love. The bee size is 30x40 mm. Size 7 US and adjustable.

Mushroom Hugh Ring.Price 17€ + Shipping cost 4€.
Vintage style ring, this ring reminds me of a 70's movies. The ring is made of brass and finished with silver plated. Size 7 US.


smrithi rao said...

just came across your blog ,must say it was really impressive love the stuff you have made cant decide on a fav :)

P.S A follower now:)

Labyrinth said...

@smrithi rao - Thank you very much.. Please check back often. We will be listing more of our products everyday :) And we do ship to India or wherever you are ;P
Labyrinth xoxo

Annika Luise said...

Where can i get the rabbit ring? It's so damn beautiful!

J E S S U said...

Rabbit ring! Since my zodiac is rabbit I'm really thinking I should find myself one of those now...


Anonymous said...

I want to buy your "Mushroom hugh ring". Contact me on emma.schollin@gmail.com
Best regards