Flamingo Necklace. Price 17€ + Shipping cost 4€.
This cute Flamingo pendant reminds me of THE RED QUEEN 's driver (A tale of Alice in Wonderland). The chain is 26 cm. long. Pendant is 6 cm. Finished with crab clasp. Made of brass.

Sparrow Ring. Price 15€ + Shipping cost 4€.
A cute featuring vintage little sparrow bird, adorable ring is made of brass. The ring size is 7US and adjustable.


daisychain said...

oh why do I never have money when you update?! Lol. Fab work.

Emma said...

amazing pieces!!! im literally in love.
wish i had money :(
but im 17 and jobless

kiwaczek2 said...

lovely but a bit too expenisve for me:(