Free to Fly

Dragonfly Ring. Price 15€ + Shipping cost 4€.
I once was told that dragonfly is a symbol of success because of their great lives and brave. Some people use this symbol for the leading army, or to use them for a charm to bring them a great successful.
The ring is 3x3 cm. size 6.5. and it is adjustable. The wings are moveable. Made of brass.

Cicada Ring. Price 17€ + Shipping cost 4€.
Indeed, a real alive cicada is not beautiful at all. So, I painted it all in a new colors, golden on body and white on wings. Made of brass. The cicada is 3.5x3 cm. size 7.

Bee Earrings. Sold
The Brass Giant Bee Earrings were painted in Black oil colour to give them more Vintage style which I love. The bee size is 3x4 cm. Made of brass.


maie maie said...

thank you for your post on my blog!!
your store looks awesome!!!

Vintage Obsession said...

Oh i cant have enough of your jewelery :) will mail you next month for an order :)

amberavenue said...

wow i love the Cicada Ring <3

pitseleh said...

oh wont you make size 5 or 6 rings? :( :( my asian fingers are too small!!

TruGlamGuzzie said...

wow, that is an OUTSTANDING piece, complete must have!!!!!


Kara said...

oh my! I love this
great blog

Anonymous said...

Fabulous rings are shown here. Specially the second one.
These rigs are the most important part of jewelry. Thanks for sharing them.

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